China’s Green Steps

China, after a meeting in Brussels with with European Union’s Development Coordinator, has agreed to plans that will cut its carbon emission through a three step process. As China has been rapidly modernizing, it has been simultaneous catching up the United States as the largest global polluter and emitter of greenhouse gases. The EU, which has been the most forward thinking in terms of keeping the planet sustainable, is growing worried about the rising populations and urbanization of India and China, and thus making policies that control some of these countries’ energy production. China is nowhere near the U.S. in terms of energy consumed per person, (a person in the United States still uses 30x more energy than one than India), but its main problem is energy efficiency. China still uses 5-10 galleons of oil to make the same amount of energy that the U.S. makes with 1 galleon.
Hopefully this agreement with the EU is one of many future steps China will take to turn the most populous nation more sustainable. But we have yet to see true evidence that the Chinese government is anywhere near as concerned about clean energy than they are about their economy, meaning they will still rather produce and export goods at minimal cost rather than spend money trying to reduce emissions.

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