GapMinder and Hans Rosling


Hans Rosling is one of the best known staticians of the modern day, providing daunting visuals of the strides and setbacks of modern global development. His website, GapMinder, is a stunning tool for the comparison of nations over the past 200 years. The charts are play-motion by time, and users can adjust the x and y axes to be a variety of development measurements, including Life Expectancy, GDP per captia, Children per Woman, Murder Rates, HDI, CO2 Emissions, Malaria Rates, Traffic, and the list goes on.


This is THE BEST visualization of global development trends I have seen, captured in 4 minutes of video of the gapminder data projection.

And this is my favorite Hans Rosling Ted Talk, 10 minutes long, measuring Global Population by Boxes and demonstrating how modernization and poverty rates will shift as population growth changes regionally. Enjoy!


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